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We will prepare a ‘Tailor-made Support System for Female Return-To-Work’, which provides female researchers with consultations, corresponding to the need of researchers. This aims to enable researchers on maternity leave and child-care leave to return to work smoothly.

Tailor-made Support for Return-to-Work Females

We will prepare “Tailor-made Support System for Female Return-To-Work” for female researchers on maternity leave and family care leave. In this System, we will give instruction on how to manage time after returning to work. We will also help the researchers to identify any potential difficulties regarding their return-to-work and to formulate solutions.

Support to Females Who Have Returned to Work following a Critical Life Event

We will provide female researchers with financial support required by them to return to work after completion of their individual life-event responsibilities. This project aims to enable them to return to the research environments smoothly. We will also encourage them to prepare for return-to-work by attending research meetings and short meetings before they resume their work. During the meetings, we will provide child nursery care services.

Furthermore, in order to ease mental stress before and after researchers’ return-to-work, we will encourage their workplace co-workers to give consideration to needs of returning workers.

One action might be to add the names of researchers on maternity leave or family-care leave to mailing lists for the distribution of workplace news and information.


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