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Workshops to Support Female Researchers Involved in Shadowing of Senior Researchers

In this project, we hold workshops in which female researcher participants stay with the female researchers in higher positions for a week. Participants can learn how to manage research and works through observation, making records and reflection. We provide financial support for the participation of this project in order that female researchers can learn skills and knowledge required by them to advance their career.

System to Provide Assistant Researchers to Female Researchers in Managerial Positions

IIn this system, we deploy research assistants who support female researchers in managerial positions. It is expected that female researchers in managerial positions can keep their research capability and motivation. In addition, we aim to encourage female researchers of next generation to assume the managerial positions.

Lectures by Female Researchers in Managerial Positions acting as Role Models

We will invite female researchers who assume managerial positions such as university presidents or executives as lecturers. In their lectures, speakers will tell about the mental attitude for managerial position, how to balance work and life, and the skills required by researchers in managerial positions. We also aim to raise female researchers’ awareness about their career and motivation for advancement through exchanging information with their role models.


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