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Niigata University was selected as one of the universities to conduct‘Initiative for the Implementation of the Diversity in the Research Environment (Collaboration Type)’ in 2015. Niigata University and Takeshow Co., Ltd. are aiming to facilitate female researchers in Niigata prefecture to achieve greater success in their research fields. Niigata University and Takeshow Co., Ltd. will cooperate to improve their working environments, by enabling female researchers to maintain their commitment to their research activities during key family life events (e.g. childbirth, care for dependent relatives, and other their related matters) without career penalty or handicaps. We will also implement various types of activities so that female researchers can develop their research skills and conduct new joint research. By doing these, we aim to promote the success of female researchers in Niigata prefecture and contributing to the vitalization of local industries, etc.

To be more concrete, we will implement the following three programs;

Planned Employment and Career Advancement

This project aims to create more employment and career advancement opportunities for female researchers within Niigata University and within partnership/cooperative organizations. As a result, it is expected to see an increase percentage of female researchers and an increase percentage of female researchers in higher positions.
In order to achieve these goals, we are providing workshops for managers within partnership organizations on the subject of changing ways of thinking regarding female researcher’s employment and career advancement opportunities. We are also providing workshops that will offer opportunities for female researchers to shadow more senior female researchers.

Work-Life Balance and Continuing Professional Development

This project aims to create environments where female researchers may continue their research commitments during critical life events, without disadvantage to their research involvement or penalty to career advancement. In order to achieve this goal, we are establishing a consultation system to enable female researchers to achieve work-life balance; holding workshops to raise awareness; and providing tailor-made support solutions.

Develop Professional Skills and Research Practices within Local Academic and Industrial Communities

Project to develop professional skills and research practices within local academic and industrial communities This project aims to create new joint research within local academic and industrial communities, facilitate training for research candidates and provide leadership opportunities for female researchers. These goals will be achieved by providing workshops and seminars, tailor-made support services, within a work-life balanced context.


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